CarrouselCarrousel - with the  convenient Carrousel dispensary system the stock of the most frequent items is moved to the dispensary counter which saves steps, staff time and frees time for patient counselling.

Products are clearly displayed and are quickly and easily picked, without having to leave the customer. The transparent front picking edge of the trays provide a good view of the stock. Several dispensing stations can be arranged around the Carrousel and refilling is done at the back of the Carrousel.

RombicRombic - A system with its sloping drawers is a very efficient space saving storage system.

With the Rombic system work is carried out from one side only, which creates new possibilities in pharmacy layout. The drawer modules can be placed against a wall, saving valuable floor space in the dispensary area. Rombic is available in both right and left-sided designs.

StockflowStockFlow  - the stockflow combi tray is a combination of sloping tray and horizontal drawer.

StockFlow is a freestanding workstation and storage system that can easily be adapted to changes in the pharmacy's work routines. It can be combined in various ways to make double and single-sided modules. All parts (i.e. trays, shelves,drawers and support frames) are interchangeable and can be located anywhere on the support frames.


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