About Us

RoboPharma are experts in pharmacy automation, founded and developed in the Netherlands, we are a global market leader with installations throughout the world including Europe, UK, South Africa, China and Australia.

Our success stems from our ability to deliver custom solutions to both community and hospital pharmacies underpinned by our unique products which incorporate speed, reliability, accuracy and maximise your available space. RoboPharma is the only system which is able to deliver all patient medicines in a single dispensing function.

Whilst the above features characterise our products, the benefits to pharmacies include:

  • increased time for patient consultation
  • reduced dispensing errors
  • increased staff morale
  • improved stock control
  • reduced stock wastage

Feedback from our existing customers shows enhancement in efficiency with a dramatic improvement in accuracy, productivity and working environment with the further benefit of creating time for customer focus and patient care.

Success Stories

Looking to reduce turnaround time for discharge prescriptions and facing a rapid increase in inpatient prescriptions, Whiston Hospital chose RoboPharma to maximise their medicine management.


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