This system gives you the opportunity to extend your service outside normal opening hours. Using an internet connection and a webcam, among other components, you will be able to communicate with your customer at a distance. After scanning the prescription and discussing the medication with the patient or customer, you can then dispense and label the medicines from another location. You can maintain control via several different cameras, monitoring the process right up to the moment that the customer collects their prescription. RoboRemote provides a full service oriented cutting edge solution.


The RoboWall system enables your patients and customers to collect their completed prescriptions outside normal opening hours. You simply place filled prescriptions in the system and the customer automatically receives a unique code via SMS text message. Using this code customers can collect their correct medication at a convenient time.

The system carefully registers and monitors the whole process - keeping you in total control. The process of collecting the prescription can also be operated by a customer card. Compared to a 'locker system', RoboWall is highly compact - providing around 20 pick-up compartments in less than 1 m2.

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