The Robopharma Ward Robot is a standalone dispensing system that provides secure medication storage in a physically robust module. The highly secured RoboWard is resistant to misuse and removal of drugs - ideal in an environment where dangerous and/or expensive medicines are treated.

Key benefits

- Safe and reliable thanks to the unique RoboPharma channel modules
- Secured drawers for handling already opened packages
- Ward Robot software for extensive data logging
- Makes use of barcode technology to read patient ID and package identities
- A secure system with access being password/ PIN number protected
- Physically robust and secure, resistant to an attack
- Minimisation of administrative work.

The RoboPharma Ward Robot reduces pressure for nursing staff operating in a busy public environment and minimises administrative work. Importantly, a full audit trail of all medicines issued is ensured. Security of the processes is guaranteed by an extensive logging of all performed actions. Drugs can only be issued when two authorized users are logged in at the same time.

The software keeps a full audit trail of all medicines issued; time and date of issue, patient demographics and  the issuing staff.


At RoboPharma, we design and manufacture all our automation solutions in house. It is therefore possible to alter the channels types or of the RoboWard to meet your specific requirements.


The RoboWard standard configuration consists of:
- Ward Robot dispenser
- Secured drawers for opened packages
- Secured return bin
- Scanner/card reader
- Computer
- RoboWard software

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